Non Profit Corporate Legal Services

Starting a Non Profit Corporation and not sure how?


Is your Non Profit in danger of losing its tax exemept status?


Entering into a lease or any other binding agreement?


Received a letter from the State or Federal Government and you're not sure what it means?


Is there a new law or policy issue that is going to impact your organization and you don't know what to do about it?


Our Non Profit Legal Specialists can help you with all of these issus and more. We have the experience that is needed to help you.


Your volunteer board member who happens to be an attorney is not enough and may even be conflicted between their fiduciary duties in giving you legal advice and being a board member. Your Non Profit is a corporation and needs the same type of dedicated legal representation that your for profit sister corporations have.

Our Specializations

Business Law


Our legal team can assist your Non Profit in any number of ways that affect the daily operations of your corporation. We have the experience as attorneys, advocates and board members to understand the needs and issues that you may be dealing with. We offer you the best non profit legal assistance. A partial list of issues our expert attorneys can assist you with are:


Tax Assistance and Compliance

Non Profit Management Compliance

Contract Review, Drafting and Dispute Resolution

Business Disupute Mediation and Resolution

Employer/Employee Relations

Corporate Compliance

Leases and Acquisition or Disposition of Property


Advocacy and Government Affairs


Your non profit corporation needs representation at the local, state and federal level. Whether the need be specific to your non profit and a goal it has to expand its services, acquire funding, obtain permits or has an industry wide issue that needs some level of advocacy and governmental affairs, we have that experience. Our team has developed legislation at the local and state level and represented organizations to protect their interests. We have sucessfully represented clients of all types to goverment officials and staff at all levels. We have the necessary relationships and skills to help you with your needs.  




The TILG Non Profit legal team can assist you with any litigation needs that you may have. Within our team's circle we can defend causes of action regarding your business complaints, tort defense and employment law issues.


B Corporation


What did it mean when the State of California passed AB 361? It means that your for profit corporation can get a B Corporation status. More and more states and corporations are pursuing this designation let us tell you why and help you get B Corp status.