Non Profit Business Development Assistance

We said it before and we will say it again: your Non Profit is NOT just a group of people with a common interest or passion for helping others; it is a corporate business entity that is often more complex than the structure and obligations of for profit companies. Like any business, your Non Profit is fraught with business development issues. Is it complying with its by-laws and legislative oversight requirements? Is it acting in an ultra vires capacity? Does it have a plan for sustainability or for growth?


TILG's Non Profit Business Center can help your Non Profit with all of your unique business needs and more. We have the technical and the hands-on experience to ensure your corporation is operating legally, effectively, efficiently and with a plan for sustainability and growth. We will work with you in a positive and collaborative environment to turn your Non Profit Corporation into the the thriving business it should be.

Grant Making


There are literally thousands of grants out there. You could likely be getting a grant award for the great work you are doing. We offer our grant writing services to you. We can work with you to develop an ongoing grant cycle and program. We assist in locating grants, matching needs and missions, writing the grant applications and grant management and follow up. Let us help you find money!!



Strategic Planning


TILG's team has the experience necessary to work collaboratively with you to develop your short and long term strategic plans for your Non Profit corporation. Our strategic planning efforts will start with working with you to refine your mission, outline your short and long term goals, determine your corporation's strengths and weaknesses, and culminate with a dynamic plan that you and your board can implement to ensure your sustainability and growth into the short and long term future.


Development Planning


The key to your corporation's short and long term growth is how it is going to raise funds. There are multiple means for non profits to locate funding sources and to develop a plan to find and obtain those sources. TILG will work with you to ascertain your corporate financial needs and goals and develop a working plan to pusue those sources. Fund development can include private donors, corporate sponsors and multiple grant sources; there are numerous possibilites and TILG's team will help you find them.


Partnership Development


One of the core strengths of the TILG team is its ability to recognize synergy between potential partners. We have the connections that others don't and thus have the ability to locate and connect your Non Profit corporation with others that share your passion and goals. Many coroporations make the mistake of viewing others as competitiors, we help you see this is not the case. Working with others can help you be more competitive for grant applications and increase your revenue potential and your ability to help those that are in need of your help. TILG will work with you to develop positive and vital partnerships and relationships with others.


Board Development and Management 


The most important part of your Non Profit corporation is its board and committee members. We help you get the most out of them. We will work with your board to determine the board's and each board member's strengths and weaknesses. We have developed a method of managing board "retreats" or workshops to develop a working plan for the board and the board members. Outlining obtainable goals and best management practices will help your Non Profit grow.