Thank You

First, thank you for what you do or aspire to do. Changing people's lives and putting service before self for whatever mission you have is to be commended.


Secondly, thank you for visiting our site. Your mission is invaluable to the world and our mission is to help you succeed. We are the Non Profit Lawyer you need.


"One life, with each other, sisters and brothers" - U2

Welcome to The Indie Law Group Non Profit Business Center

Welcome to The Indie Law Group's Non Profits Business Center. Indie Law Group realizes something your Non Profit may not; it is a corporation -- one that has the same business needs and issues that your for-profit peers have and more. You may need, but don't have, a Non Profit Attorney on your side. In addition to the business pressures and goals your non profit experiences, it also has a volunteer board to handle, a need to cultivate donors, a need to garner positive media and to strategicaly plan for its sustainability and growth and much more. We have built a non profit consulting team that can assist your organization in meeting and exceeding its goals and needs. Please explore our website or call us today.



Law / Advocacy / Business


The Indie Law Group's Non Profit Business Center is different because we have assembled a team of experienced professionals that have the expertise to offer a suite of services. We offer services ranging from grant applications to development planning to business planning and legal advice and advocacy and much more. Our firm can offer you these vital consulting services at a cost lower than traditional law firms. We have developed packages for the entire suite of services we offer or we can give you unique specialized services based on your needs. Call us today and find out how.



We Can Set Up Your Non Profit Today


Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Conflicts and other Policies, Federal Form 1023 and more. Whether you are in San Diego, Southern California or anywhere else we can help you with your non profit legal assistance needs.


Who We Are


We have assembled a team of lawyers and professionals with expertise that you can use to advance your organization's goals, mission and development. We are more than a non profit law firm. We don't believe in a stuffy and pretentious office or presentation. Instead, we offer a down-to-earth atmosphere with the very best in service and results.